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Time is right to invest in customer knowledge.

Priority N°1

Priorities for the lockdown exit period

Coronavirus outbreak acts as a catalyst that reveals the weaknesses of our current system. This crisis is paving the way towards important challenges and changes

Social, economical and environmental expectations are huge in the current decade. Whether it is about diversity, gender, jobs, production processes, food or data privacy, long is the list of examples to show how fragmented is the society in the time being.

Lots of strong beliefs and habits have been challenged already and the trend should continue to grow in the pandemic context.

Many companies are questioning what's going to remain and what's going to change in their customers needs, and consequently, in the customers needs of their own customers, as well as the consequences of all this on their own products and services.

The companies who will over perform in the post Covid19 era should be the one able to meet the constant change of needs of each of their customer.

Easy to tell....

Unless they commit with a clear investment of time and resources in customer knowledge, they will hardly achieve a sustainable success.

Next to classic research, sources to customer information are broader and richer than ever: CRM, Social listening, third party data, marketing automation, digital behavior, meta data...

There are so many fields to make the best use of a superior customer knowledge - customer experience, product innovation, e commerce, marketing and sales alignment, sales prediction, channel and supply chain management or ABM to name a few - that companies must definitely consider customer knowledge more strategically.

For those able to get valuable insights, customer knowledge is an intangible asset to leverage for value creation

Define and develop a Covid Customer Knowledge initiative to gain a competitive advantage.

PS: After the Corona Bomb, shall we expect Business as Usual or Business as Un-usual ?

What should go back to standard and what should change

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