A simple exchange that connects you to something more. To something bigger than yourself. It’s the basis for everything.
    From love and friendship…to business ideas and breakthrough innovations. It may start small. But small conversations don’t create transformative solutions. You need a richer and more engaging conversation. That offers new ideas and new points
    of view. That’s a dialogue, not a directive. You need to expand the conversation and collaborate to go deeper.


    To Be More Specific, we help you innovate strategic views that transform into actionable propositions. Starting with helping
    you excite the team in charge. From there, we get specific.


    To be relentlessly relevant in today’s ever-evolving business markets, a BtoB brand needs to be pervasively innovative, never resting on its laurels. That means being more specific…more in the know.


    To Be More Specific (TBMS) is a lab-institute of BtoB strategic marketing. TBMS, we work with you. Basing our partnership on a dialogue, we help BtoB companies with strategic needs to develop their growth and innovation strategies.



    With a solid track record of prestigious BtoB customers in many different markets, industries and cultures. We have the best BtoB strategic planning model in the market, and proven efficiency. TBMS, our model relies on a collaborative approach and a disciplined but insightful process. Then, the conversation delivers fruitful outcomes and transformative actionable solutions.



    TBMS stimulates your team by taking a fresh look at your current challenges and applying specific best practices from other industries. Our design thinking workshops run on the value of joy, simplicity, collaboration and lean-thinking. To be more specific, we help you build commitment and ownership internally through conversations.


    For product or company brands


    Due to their high value, most BtoB purchases are carefully considered, involving multiple stakeholders in long and sometimes complex, decision processes. An attractive brand is an asset for you to leverage in order to capture positive opinion, grow and run with a consistent market facing strategy.


    Building a brand is not a given. More specifically, you will face multiple competing factors: play factors…win factors…some that make you stand out differently than others. And at the end, you must accept that you may need to sacrifice something in order to become famous for something else.


    In today’s changing environment, TBMS helps you develop a differentiating position for your brand to own and sustain.


    From polishing an existing offering up to a more radical transformation of the entire business model


    Let’s face it: business models are less durable than they used to be. For years, the basic rules for creating and capturing economic value were fixed in place as companies tried to execute the same business models as their competitors, only better.


    The status quo is no longer a comfortable place to be.


    The push for change brings forth new questions: Why is it so difficult for established companies to innovate in their business models? What approach would allow you to overrun the conventions of your industry before others do? How far should you go with new value propositions without putting your existing revenue at risk?


    BtoB is entering a more service-driven era. BtoB marketing is rebalancing demand generation activities with more investments into offerings and new product development. Driven by predictive analysis, 3D, Virtual Reality, Big Data, IoT and platforms, new ways to create compelling BtoB products and services that business customers want to buy are flourishing.


    With TBMS at your side, you get specific, and ready to reinvent your value propositions.


    To drive your content and social strategy, with full control


    Content is key to attracting and engaging BtoB audiences. Now, social media is playing a critical role in content delivery and the buyer journey. And, the multi-device lifestyle has also changed the boundaries between professional and personal life.


    Your most important challenge is to join the conversation with an “always on” approach, building visibility and reputation for your brand. While you build awareness, you can generate leads by running campaigns through diversified channels and tools.


    Starting with the development of key audience persona, TBMS delivers a segmented and targeted messaging platform.


    With TBMS, you have your content strategy core component in hand. And you are in control of deploying content on social networks and in lead generation campaigns.


    TBMS offers clear and simple service package with tangible benefits. The engagement and contract with TBMS is lean and simple. And, we commit to delivering at pace.

  • Our collaborative exploration and decision-making process is based on data, facts and case scenarios. Our strategic approach brings clarity to the decision-making process and delivers greater efficiency – from idea to implementation. We help you to be more specific about how to improve your time in market; how to go-to-market with more attractive offerings and a greater consistency between your market-facing strategy and your business capabilities.


    With TBMS, you tune your strategic ambition from conservative up to more radical transformation.

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