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Seize opportunities attached to re-industrialization and repatriation of value chains

Priority N°2

Priorities to focus on in the coronavirus period

Ignite a Post Covid business project aiming to identify -short and mid term- opportunities and develop value propositions accordingly.

With this crisis, we are in difficulty to produce or source some essential materials, mobilize resources or even to modify processes.   Nevertheless some changes were made in record time whereas they seemed impossible not long ago. In short, to contain the progression of Covid 19, we embarked on an unprecedented experience that transformed the planet into a gigantic fablab.
The coronavirus epidemic has had a merit: to open the eyes of OECD countries which have become aware of their excessive dependence on China, particularly in certain strategic sectors. And what was not possible yesterday, namely the repatriation of value chains and the reindustrialisation of certain sectors, will become a strategic priority for the decade of 2020.


A good wind will blow to advance the made in France or the made in Europe. Driven by strong societal expectations, sectors such as health, equipment and personal protection, food, agriculture and even digital security will benefit from significant investments and political will.    Globalization is not going to stop; we don't move a factory like we move bytes, but the global vs local rebalancing process already underway before the pandemic will surely accelerate. As an example, we can expect to see the emergence of tertiary factories, smaller and located near urban centers. As for the agricultural and food chains, they should not escape a transformation faster than expected with new standards of sharing the value.


This context will bring out development and business opportunities.  

It's a safe bet that companies able to adjust their offer and their sales marketing strategy will benefit more from these market opportunities.

How to segment in this situation? What are low hanging fruits? What value propositions should be reviewed? What product innovations should be considered for the future? What content strategy to support such a strategy? Design thinking techniques and test and learn are particularly effective in moving forward in this type of situation.

Ignite a Post Covid business project aiming to identify -short and mid term- opportunities and develop value propositions accordingly.

PS:After the Corona Bomb, Shall we expect Business as Usual or Business as Un-usual ?

What should go back to standard and what should change?

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