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Back on Stage - Lighthouse N°2/6

"The horizon being blocked doesn't mean there is nothing to contemplate."

Etienne Klein

Planning is more critical than ever. Questioning the future just requires a broader range of detailed scenario.

As the pandemic slows down in some part of the world, at least for the first wave, we realize that we are all in this together despite the great uncertainty about what is going to come next.

Nevertheless the absolute challenge ahead is to mobilize our collective intelligence to design a positive picture of the future. Otherwise, lockdown exit is going to be very difficult.

Planning the journey Back on Stage is not an easy thing because nobody knows what is going to happen. Whatever the organization at stake there are some key components to consider in designing possible future scenario.

May the lighthouse help to inform your navigation chart in the rough Post Corona ocean.

N°2 Re-athletization

When someone has been in artificial coma for a while, the way back to normal takes time. It requires dedicated training. The muscles have reduced and the body is not strong enough to run a marathon. The person needs a re-atheltization program before returning to normal life.

The pandemic effect on the economy is similar to artificial coma. That's why the lockdown exit must include a re-athletization period.

In any value chain or ecosystem, the value comes from interactions. The quality of these interactions is a source of efficiency. During lockdown, the stress level has changed for everyone, up or down, and people returning to life will need some time to accommodate to the new normal despite we don't know its kind yet. Each organization should practice and exercise with care to get back into usual performance mode with one most important thing in mind: watch your speed because it is not about you and your timeline, it is about the entire value chain.

We are all in this together and we will need to adjust to those with the highest re-athletization challenge.

From an internal and external perspective, what is critical in each company re-athletization plan? How to speed up towards growth capture without taking too much risk? What kind of stewardship is needed in the return to play?

Limit the excitement going full speed from the starting lane, it is a long way back to recovering.

The re-athletization program must be planned and sequenced.

PS: After the Corona Bomb, shall we expect Business as Usual or Business as Un-usual ?

What should go back to standard and what should change?

Each business is specific. Let's have a conversation in a 15mn call.


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