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"Raison d'être" & Vision

Back on Stage ; Lighthouse N°5/6

"The horizon being blocked doesn't mean there is nothing to contemplate."

Etienne Klein

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Planning is more critical than ever. Questioning the future just requires a broader range of detailed scenario.

As the pandemic slows down in some part of the world, at least for the first wave, we realize that we are all in this together despite the great uncertainty about what is going to come next.

Nevertheless the absolute challenge ahead is to mobilize our collective intelligence to design a positive picture of the future. Otherwise, lockdown exit is going to be very difficult.

Planning the journey Back on Stage is not an easy thing because nobody knows what is going to happen. Whatever the organization at stake there are some key components to consider in designing possible future scenario.

May this lighthouse help to inform your navigation chart in the furious Covid ocean

N°6 : "Raison d'être" and vision of a positiv impact

Nobody can predict what will happen. There is so much uncertainty.

Nevertheless, each organization is busy developing action plans and measures to go back to business.

In each business, the expectations are high for the leadership to express a future vision. The pandemic is a portal and people going through are looking for clarity which is critical for the resilience.

Everyone feels there is an opportunity to restart more properly than before.

Etienne Klein, French physicist and philosopher of sciences pointed recently three most important questions to address in developing future vision:

What do we know as of now?

What do we want for the near and distant future?

What are we currently learning and understanding from the Corona crisis?

Time is right for each brand/company to address these fundamental questions.

The "Raison d'Etre" is critical. Visionary brands like Michelin, - Giving everyone the means to move forward - , Alibaba, - Make it easy to do business anywhere- , C'est qui le Patron -Enabling consumers to take control- or even Patagonia -Our company exists to save the planet- have demonstrated that the "Raison d'Etre" goes beyond the profit objective and acts like a compass. In times of great uncertainty, the Raison d'Etre is an asset.

What do we really know about our customers? Our employees? What is the purpose of what we do? Why is it important for the future? What is our vision for our impact on the society, on the environment, on the people?

What kind of value and experience do we want to deliver? What is our Raison d'Etre?

To act in the "new normality, leaders need to develop a future vision for the IMPACT that their business intends to make on the economical, human and environmental dimension.

Through its Raison d'Etre, the brand must be the reference vehicle and symbol to express the vision of impact.

PS: After the Corona Bomb, shall we expect Business as Usual or Business as Un-usual ?

What should go back to standard and what should change?

Each business is specific. Let's have a 15mn call to discuss it further


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