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Doing something good

Priority N°5

Priorities to focus on in the coronavirus period.

Things have changed so quickly with the pandemic. From one day to another, companies had to switch into a new operating mode. Most of them were not entirely prepared nor trained for it. It is no surprise that such a rapid move is rocking the boat.

While organizations are getting confused, there is positive side of it because this sudden change creates an energy that brings inspiring initiatives to life.

And it helps to strengthen company culture and values.

Some of examples below bring some interesting substance to illustrate the point:

Faced with the shortage of surgical masks in the fight against the coronavirus, Les Tissages de Charlieu reoriented their production in record time and launched a washable protective mask. In agreement with its customers in the clothing, sports and industrial sectors, they put all their orders for technical fabrics on standby to redirect the production tool to a model of containment mask.

An Italian restaurant in Pommard (Côte-d'Or) came up with the idea of ​​offering pizzas to emergency carers at Beaune hospital. Seeing this surge of solidarity, a restaurant customer spontaneously gave 200 euros so that the initiative is repeated the following week. The initiative has been widely emulated in all corners of France.

Decathlon has blocked online sales of its "Easybreath" diving mask in France. The objective is to reserve and offer the 30,000 masks available to caregivers and emergency personnel who want to adapt it in the fight against corona virus.

After intense work carried out by a task force set up with Valéo, PSA and Schneider, Air Liquide has committed to manufacturing 10,000 respiratory devices in 6 weeks while normal production is 250 units per month.

World's most famous respirator manufacturer Medtronic drops intellectual property rights and publishes design plan of some of its respirators Coronavirus..

While traffic accidents are decreasing following containment measures, MAIF decided to benefit all of its members holding an automobile insurance contract, savings in expenses made during the period of containment. This sum is estimated at 100 million euros. The brand invites its members to make a donation to support caregivers or the poor.


Beyond the specific circumstances of the pandemic, these examples perfectly illustrate the essential question that brands must ask themselves: why are we doing what we do? What is the purpose of what we do? Why is this important for our employees, our customers, their children, for society and our shareholders?
Answering this question fully goes far beyond donations and contributions to associations in the context of CSR.
Doing something good for the/its community is an opportunity to mobilize staff, to improve its reputation with stakeholders, to inspire strategic vision and use its brand as a cultural lever.  By embarking on an initiative of this nature, the company is consolidating links essential to resilience.  It is also a key stage marker for developing its raison d'être.

Kick off a project to identify, design and execute a positive initiative for your community.

PS: After the Corona Bomb, shall we expect Business as Usual or Business as Un-usual ?

What should go back to standard and what should change?

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